What We've Achieved

  • Hawaii National Bank, Downtown Honolulu was the first tallest PV installation in the state

  • Unicold Hawaii was the first turnkey roofing & PV installation in the state with over 1MW of rooftop PV 

  • Greenpath was the only company in the state to develop, patent and manufacture non-glass folding solar modules 

  • Outfitted a 40' entertainment trailer with 100% custom built non-glass PV solar modules, battery storage and BOS. 

  • Participated in several joint military technology segments in the Philippines and Thailand with our mobile power systems  

  • Installed a 100% off-grid solar powered air conditioner, PV and energy storage system on the island of Kahoolawe.

  • Structured PPA's for community associations for both CAM areas as well as individual participating home owners.