GreenPath Technologies

GreenPath Technologies Inc. (GPT) is an SBA Certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business, Native Hawaiian Owned (NHO) and operated renewable energy firm.

Established in 2007 as a full service solar power systems integrator and contractor, GreenPath Technologies offers unique turnkey solutions in renewable energy for commercial, industrial, government, military, residential, and non-profit customers. We specialize in solar roofing to ensure the building integrity and warranty for your commercial and/or home roof system goes uncompromised. We cover all facets of photovoltaic systems including Consultation, Design, Engineering, Design-Build, Construction, Commissioning, Solar Roof Integration, Repair, Maintenance, 3rd Party Financing including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Solar Leasing, and Green Loans, and Energy Data Monitoring.

We also focus on integrating and installing new technological applications in renewable energy with a particular focus on portable solar modules for military and disaster relief applications, and energy storage technologies. As a leading renewable energy firm in the islands, GPT is incubating solar module development and manufacturing in Hawaii through its Research & Development (R&D) Division.

Finally, GreenPath Technologies Inc is majority owned by Kumuwaiwai Kulohelohe, a native Hawaiian nonprofit organization, whose main objective is to aid Hawaiians with technology and preservation of natural resources.

I’d put my money on solar energy…I hope we don’t have to wait ‘til oil and coal runs out before we tackle that.

-Thomas Edison, in conversation with Henry Ford & Harvey Firestone, March 1931

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