Hawaiian Electric Proposes to Raise the J-Rate Schedule. Are you Prepared?

As of recently, Hawaiian Electric proposed to raise the J-Rate Schedule.  See below for the current and existing rates:

See below for the proposed increase in Monthly J-Rate Charges.  

If the proposed changes are approved, the monthly utility bills for commercial customers would be greatly impacted with a 65% increase in base service charges.  An increase of $30 more a month for the customer charge and an increase from $11.69/kW to $17.00/kW for demand charges can really add up.  

Changes are currently in discussion at the PUC.  We encourage our customers to take a second look at the way energy is being consumed on all levels.  Find ways to integrate more energy saving techniques and habits into the business and daily operations and take advantage of new technology that can help.  

Helpful Tip: Did you know that Hawaiian Electric has a CBMS (Customer Business Management Services) Division that works directly with business customers to help assess your current utility bill and recommend what can be done to lower it.  Contact a customer service specialist by phone (808)543-7777 or email cbms@hawaiianelectric.com

What are some immediate things to take a look at?

  • LED lighting – Hawaii Energy Rebates
  • Cooling & Air Conditioners – LEZETi Solar Powered A/C’s & Chillers
  • PV & Battery Storage – integrate renewable energy
  • Rooftop Systems – highly reflectivity, low emissivity membranes & coatings 

Not sure where to start? Feel free to contact us at (808)748-8418 or email info@greenpath-tech.com


Dow Solar Shingles


Greenpath Technologies installed the first ever DOW Solar Shingle Installation in the Hawaii market for a local residence located on the east side of the island.  

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