Laie elementary:  PV/AC "keep laie cool" project


  • Overheating classrooms upwards of 100 degrees
  • Laie Elementary School was founded in 1895 and is one of the oldest schools on the island.
  • Laie's electrical system CANNOT handle donations of window and portable air conditioners.
  • Hawaii Department of Education estimates it will cost $110,000 PER CLASSROOM for an electrical upgrade.
  • Uncomfortable classroom environments due to heat as well as accumulated noise from fans


  • 2 x LEZETi Solar PV A/C's
  • 6 x PV panels installed (1.5kW DC)
  • Outdoor units mounted on the rooftop for security purposes
  • No electrical upgrades required.  

ABOUT THE PROJECT:  The KEEP LAIE COOL Committee successfully raised funds to install 2 LEZETi solar powered PV air conditioners in one of the hottest portable classrooms at Laie Elementary School.  KEEP LAIE COOL is a grassroots initiative formed by concerned parents, students, teachers and community members to solve the heat problem at Laie Elementary School.

Laie Elementary had to find cooling solutions that would work with their aged facilities.  With temperatures that measured upwards of 100 degrees at times, the KEEP LAIE COOL committee was on a mission to raise funds and lower the heat for their students.  With the partnership of the Laie Elementary School community, Greenpath and the support of the Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE), KEEP LAIE COOL was able to uniquely structure this project to address concerns from many different angles.  They are fulfilling their commitment to KEEP LAIE COOL for the students, the community and HIDOE.  

A few of their capstone accomplishments from this project are captured in the very essence of the overall mission of Laie Elementary:

  • LEADERSHIP:  Identified sustainable cooling solutions & engaged community to raise funds
  • ACHIEVEMENT:  Raising awareness about uncomfortable classroom temperatures
  • INTEGRITY:  Addressed concerns for long term sustainable utility costs for HIDOE
  • EXCELLENCE:  Providing a quiet and cool environment conducive for students to excel in

The KEEP LAIE COOL committee is seeking the support of community, business and individuals to help cool down the classrooms for the 686 students at Laie Elementary School.  Please DONATE at


This hybrid solar A/C was a perfect fit for this project as the standard hours of school between 6am - 4pm are the prime sun hours for the system to draw on FREE sunlight to power the cooling of the classroom.  With an average of 20-30 students per classroom, the need for a highly energy efficient A/C with silent operation and minimal grid consumption was key in helping to maintain a comfortable learning environment as well as a sustainable long-term operating costs for the HIDOE. 

Download: Keep Laie Cool PV/AC Case Study