• Extremely hot classroom temperatures upwards of 90 degrees 
  • Classroom sizes range from 30-40 students as the largest high school population in Hawaii
  • The selected portable was tested to be the hottest portable on campus
  • Uncomfortable classroom environments due to heat as well as accumulated noise from outside with open windows.


  • 2 x LEZETi Solar PV A/C's
  • 6 x PV panels installed (1.5kW DC)
  • Outdoor units mounted on the side of the portable classroom
  • No electrical upgrades required

ABOUT THE PROJECT:  Greenpath Technologies was approached to participate in a student driven initiative called Fahrenheit73.   Fahrenheit73 successfully crowd-funded $19,000 for the installation of two solar powered air conditioners to install in one of the hottest portable classrooms at James Campbell High School.  The funds raised included the cost of the installation as well as the requirements for fresh air vents and marketing and promotion related activities for this project.   As a project out of The Center for Tomorrow's Leader Fellows Program, this project was student conceived, led and driven by this fab 5 team. 

With with partnership of Hawaii 3R's, Greenpath Technologies and the support of the Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE), Fahrenheit73 was able to uniquely structure this project to address concerns from many different angles.  

Some of the capstone accomplishments from this project include:

  • Raising awareness about uncomfortable classroom temperatures
  • Interfacing with HIDOE and Hawaii 3R's on this type of project
  • Identifying an approach to cooling that matched short and long term concerns
  • Addressing concerns for long-term sustainable utility costs for the HIDOE
  • Engaging the local community thru a crowd-funding channel to raise funds
  • Enhancing the classroom environment with a quiet and cool solution

This hybrid solar A/C was a perfect fit for this project as the standard hours of school between 6am - 4pm are the prime sun hours for the system to draw on FREE sunlight to power the cooling of the classroom.  With an average of 30-40 students per classroom, the need for a highly energy efficient A/C with silent operation and minimal grid consumption was key in helping to maintain a comfortable learning environment as well as a sustainable long-term operating costs for the HIDOE. 

Download : James Campbell HS/Fahrenheit73 PV/AC Case Study PDF