turtle bay resort bungalow:  Solar Powered A/c INSTALL


  • Aging chiller equipment for central A/C systems becoming less efficient 
  • Steady stream of incoming guests utilizing the bungalow suites 
  • Cooling of the bungalow suites are 24/7 and the cost to cool is rising


  • 1 x LEZETi Solar PV A/C
  • 3 x PV panels installed 
  • Outdoor units mounted on the ground alongside of the bungalow 
  • No electrical upgrades required

ABOUT THE PROJECT:  Turtle Bay installed their first LEZETi Hybrid Solar Air conditioner into one of their high end bungalow suites in place of a central air system.  Guests were able to retreat from the heat and cool down with sun-powered air conditioning.  The luxury and comfort of the bungalow suites were sustained thru innovative green technology. 

As a STOKE certified surf resort, the hotel operations continue to embrace the integration of renewable energy sources and reducing the carbon footprint across the board for all properties.  The hybrid solar powered split-systems were in line with their overall initiatives.

With an abundance of sunlight on the north shore of Oahu, the ability of the LEZETi solar air conditioning unit to harvest this resource directly into the cooling system provided a plus with minimal impact to the eco-friendly accommodations.

Some of the capstone accomplishments from this project include:

  • The first PV/AC installed for a High End Resort Bungalow Suite on the north shore 
  • Identifying an approach to cooling that matched short terms and long term concerns
  • Raising awareness about sustainable initiatives valued by the resort
  • Addressing concerns for long term sustainable energy costs for investors
  • Enhancing the guest experience with a quiet and cool solution.

This hybrid solar A/C was a perfect fit for this project as the bungalows require constant cooling for guests. The system is able to draw on FREE sunlight to power the cooling of the suites.  With a steady stream of guests, the need for a highly energy efficient A/C with silent operation and minimal grid consumption was key in helping to maintain a comfortable tropical environment as well as sustainable long-term operating costs for the resort investors. 

Download : Hotels and Resorts Solar Hybrid LEZETi A/C Case Study PDF