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LEZETi A/C’s save on cooling costs as Low Energy Zero Emissions hybrid split-system air conditioners (LEZETi) powered by the sun.  AHRI, ETL, and EnergyStar rated, these ductless, DC driven 11,500BTU mini-split systems are incredibly efficient with a low energy draw, silent operation and a pre-positioned design to receive direct DC power from PV generated solar power straight into the unit thus minimizing the amount of energy consumed from standard grid AC like most appliances do.  On average, cooling can comprise 50-75% of our electricity bills.  Integrating a hybrid unit like the LEZETi A/C will help to lower the cost of cooling as well as partner with the utility to help lighten the load on the grid during your peak demand hours of 12pm-2pm and 5pm-9pm in Hawaii.

EnergyStar listed product and highly energy efficient with a SEER21rating, up to 90% of the systems’ power can be drawn directly from solar PV modules during peak sun hours, which reduces cooling costs significantly.

  • Variable Speed Operation with DC driven components
  • DC power directly powers DC driven components

When DC power is used to power DC driven components, the energy efficiency of the system is maximized and and minimizes losses often due to the conversion from AC to DC.

Utility and inverter approval are not required as there is zero feedback into the grid from this unit and no inverter.  3 solar PV modules harness the sunlight and feed directly into the A/C unit to cool down spaces utilizing our abundant sunshine here in the islands – for free!  A smart-circuit function allows this hybrid unit to supplement with grid power as the sun goes down.  The product engineered by design to receive direct DC – requires no inverter and thus no loss of efficiencies.

Both hybrid (grid connected) and off-grid solutions are available.  Keep in mind for off-grid solutions, things to be considered include the batteries, the PV system sized to power the batteries, and the expected amount of hours to run the air conditioner.  To find out more about the LEZETi Off-Grid air conditioner, please contact us directly.

Qualifies for tax incentives and rebates were applicable. (State & Federal Credits available in the U.S.)  This product is AHRI certified, EnergyStar rated, and ETL Intertek certified.  The ever rising cost of electricity makes a good case for taking your A/C “solar.”  #coolforless

local projects & initiatives

Fahrenheit73 Crowd-funding Partnership Project
We are excited to have been a part of a student driven initiative called Fahrenheit73 in collaboration with The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders and Hawaii 3R’s as partners to drive a crowd funding program to raise money for 2 LEZETi Hybrid Solar A/C’s to be installed in one of Hawaii’s hottest portable classrooms. James Campbell High School was selected as the final recipient of this project.  The typical school operating hours are between 7am-4pm, an ideal operating time for the LEZETi Solar A/C’s to capitalize on peak sun hours to pay for the operating costs of cooling down the classrooms. Visit their website for more info on the project: http://www.islandfunder.com/campaigns/fahrenheit73/. 

KeepLaieCool Crowd-funding Installation
“KeepLaieCool” is a grassroots organization that fundraised over $19,000 in four months to fund cooling projects at Laie Elementary School.  KeepLaieCool was formed by concerned parents, students, teachers and community members to solve the heat problem at Laie Elementary School. Thanks to this initiative, the students of the hottest portable on campus now have 2 LEZETi solar PV air conditioners installed.  KeepLaieCool has a goal to raise an additional $30,000 for more more solar PV A/C’s for additional classrooms.  For more information please visit their website at youcaring.com/KeepLaieCool.

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what makes this solar air conditioner different?

What Makes The LEZETi Hybrid A/C Different? 
Solar powered air conditioners have been loosely marketed. What appears to be, may not always the case. This LEZETi ductless split-system A/C is fairly comparable if not superior to any other SEER21 A/C in terms of function and efficiency in output. What sets this unit apart from any other A/C is that it is prepositioned by design to receive solar power directly into the unit to supplement power that is typically drawn from the grid. Solar powered air conditioning for this unit is the core of this unit by intent and design.

With HYBRID input sources powering the A/C, the air conditioner is programmed to draw significantly less from utility power and more from renewable solar energy  thus reducing the overall electricity costs to keep cool.Solar powered air conditioning harnesses the power of the sun to keep us cool and reduce our carbon footprint.

Green technology supports minimal impact upon the environment by harnessing up to 90% renewable solar energy during peak sun hours to power this advanced Hybrid A/C system.

  • HYBRID design utilizes a “smart-circuit” function that automatically pulls from the grid as sunlight varies and voltage drops
  • DIRECT DC design allows direct solar PV power to run the unit with no inverter required, thus elimination any loss of efficiency
  • AHRI CERTIFIED as an EnergyStar rated SEER 21 Split-System
  • ANTI-CORROSION coating for sea-salt protection and enhanced longevity.
  • QUIET operation highly attractive for any type of setting
  • ANTI-MILDEW feature minimizes mildew growth in the evaporator for enhanced air quality and minimal routine maintenance.
  • FOLLOW ME remote for spot area cooling
  • IONIZED air purification feature minimizes dust absorbed into the unit.
  • ECO MODE lowers power draw for additional power savings. (not functional during turbo mode)

*Features are subject to change with product variations and may vary from those shown.  


  • Direct DC Zero Feedback to the Grid
  • Savings up to 70% on A/C Cooling Costs
  • Qualifies for State & Federal Credits*
  • No Utility Approval Required
  • 2-4 Year System Payback



  • Single Family Residence (SFR)
  • Home Owner Associations (HOA)
  • Low Rise/Town Homes
  • Low Rise Apartment Buildings

Office / Small Business

  • Commercial Office Space
  • Mixed-Use Properties
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Mobile/Temporary Trailers

Educational Facilities (view projects)

  • Portable Classrooms
  • Standard construction classrooms

Remote / Off-Grid

  • Controlled Humidity Vehicle Storage
  • Emergency Medical Stations
  • Command Posts/FOBs
  • Off-Site Long Term Storage
  • Portable Units


For more information on the how this product may work for your home or office space, please contact us via our online portal, feel free to call us at (808)748-8418 or email us at info@greenpath-tech.com.

Greenpath Technologies has exclusive distribution into the Hawaii and Pacific Rim markets.  For dealer or installer opportunities please contact us directly.