Local company, Greenpath Technologies offers the LEZETi hybrid air conditioner powered straight from the sun. No utility approval is required so installation can be immediate. Start saving right away! Cool for less. Get your LEZETi solar powered air conditioner today at Greenpath-tech.com!
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We were impressed with the ultra-quiet operation, clean sleek appearance and incredibly effective cooling capacity for a mini-split system. We have peace of mind knowing that the sun is actually paying for us to keep our home cool.
— Honolulu customer
We recently installed one LEZETi solar A/C unit into our single family home in Liliha. It cools the living area and open kitchen space of approximately 700 sq.ft. We are pleased with the performance!
— Liliha home owner
I chose this solar A/C technology because I liked the idea of using energy from the sun to cool my house. The LEZETi units are very quiet and energy efficient.
— Aina Haina Customer
Single family home installation, Liliha

Single family home installation, Liliha

On a hot and muggy day the system does a great job keeping my open living space cool while removing humidity and residual heat before the sun sets. After much research, I chose this solar hybrid A/C system because of its high efficiency while running all day. The Greenpath LEZETi system meets my needs and I’m glad to have it in my home.
— Honolulu Customer
A couple of years ago Greenpath installed a sample solar air conditioning for one of the units at our facility. A few months ago I decided to install data loggers to a unit with the solar AC and an exact unit without the solar AC using our existing chill water loop system for cooling. The difference in comparison was amazing. The relative humidity, cost to operate the solar unit, and electrical consumption was approximately half of the chill water loop system. I must add that this particular room with the solar AC is the coldest room out of all the units.

I was so impressed with the results that I purchased two units for my home. My home is single wood walls with a high vault ceiling so there is no drywall or drop ceiling to insulate the interior of the house from the radiant heat. But the two units are capable of handling the heat load with no problem. Efficiency will increase when I install my double pane insulated windows this next month. My family, including my dog is very happy with the solar AC. Now our home is more comfortable and believe it or not everyone has a better attitude.
— Philip Cadiz
During the summer of 2016, when the weather was extremely uncomfortable, we decided to look into an energy saving A/C system. We inquired with a few companies, but decided on a LEZETi solar hybrid A/C system for a few reasons: (1) Greenpath customer service from day one to completion was excellent (2) The company’s proposal contract was easy to understand and our sales agent was knowledgeable and supportive. (3) The cost was reasonable and affordable showing the breakdown of estimated state and federal tax credits. We are currently enjoying the quiet, low energy split-system in our family room with minimal cost to our monthly bill. If anyone is planning to invest in an energy saving air conditioner, we highly recommend the LEZETi hybrid A/C and Greenpath Technologies.
— Kaneohe Customer
My husband and I are very happy with our LEZETi solar hybrid A/C. This system compared to a regular split system is incomparable as the LEZETi provides cost savings with its solar usage. Purchasing a LEZETi A/C allows us to participate in the solar tax credit versus a regular split system. If the solar system ever gave out, we could still use our LEZETi with electricity like a regular unit. The LEZETi hybrid solar air conditioner runs quietly in the background and provides our whole living area, including kitchen a very nice comfortable temperature. Our town home association gave us the approval due to simple installation and no intrusion into the main buildings electrical boxes.
— Mililani Customer



LEZETi units receive DC power directly into the unit.  There is no inverter - thus allowing for maximum efficiencies to be captured.  No feedback to the grid and no need to wait for utility approvals for immediate installation and minimized cooling costs. Learn more.




LEZETi solar powered air conditioners are highly energy efficient with a SEER21 rating and standard AHRI certifications.  With PV added to the system the rating can be as high as a SEER35.  EnergyStar rated unit for efficient cooling in any space. 



Qualifies for tax credits and rebates where applicable.  (State & Federal credits available in the U.S.) The ever rising cost of electricity makes a good case for taking your A/C "solar." Contact your local dealer or installer for details.  

Download Product Specifications:
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Read more about the solar A/C, and projects and initiatives that have utilized this product.  Visit the LEZETi manufacturer's website for more info on the product as well as other related cooling technologies for commercial and residential applications.  

Off-Grid Solar Air Conditioning Projects:  We also have an off-grid unit that will operate 100% off the grid with an appropriately sized PV and battery system.  Contact us for more details and project inquiries.  Download our LEZETi Off-Grid Unit Specification Sheet.