pv systems

Private AOAO PV Carport Installation 

All Types of Installations

Solar generated electricity is a powerful solution to energy production.  We will help walk you through the process of determining if solar is a smart investment for you. If it is – we’ll do a free energy analysis to see how much solar can save you based on your energy consumption and appropriate roof space.

solar PV A/C

Fahrenheit73's James Campbell HS Solar A/C Install

Hybrid Solar Powered AC's

HYBRID design utilizes a “smart circuit” funciton that automatically pulls from grid as sunlight varies and voltage drops. DIRECT DC design allows direct solar PV power to run the unit with no inverter required, thus eliminating any loss of efficiency.

mobile power

LEZETi PPS 2.5kW Mobile Power System

Modular Energy Systems

The LEZETi portable power systems deliver quiet, clean and reliable solar power to remote area locations. Ruggedized, modular and solar-centric by design, this system is self-sustaining with ability to be charged by solar, vehicle charge or standard 120V grid power.