We at Greenpath Technologies want everyone of you to be safe during the upcoming expected Tropical Storm Olivia and the duration of the tropical storm season here in Hawaii.  To help you prepare your building or home, we have put together the following informational guide for homeowners and businesses with Photovoltaic (PV) Systems.  Please read the following tips on protecting your loved ones and property during storms with high-speed winds. 

- On Behalf of GPT Management, September 12, 2018


  • Your PV System is typically designed to withstand winds of a minimum of 105 MPH. Hurricane gusts may exceed 105 MPH

  • During a storm with high-speed winds, flying debris can potentially damage the PV system.

  • Wind shearing may cause water to infiltrate PV equipment causing damage, or loosen anchoring systems on the roof which could allow water to leak into the roof structure.



  1. If there is a power outage, please shut off the PV system using the disconnect switch located near your main meter. Keep off until power is restored and call HECO customer service.

  2. If there is damage to your PV system

    • Turn off disconnect switch located near your main meter

    • On certain installations (those not using Enphase Inverters) you will need to switch off both AC Disconnect and DC Disconnect switches. These should be clearly marked on the box.

  3. Modules may have shifted due to high-speed winds leaving electrical connections exposed and unattached.

    • If you suspect damage has occurred please have the system inspected by an expert before re-energizing it.

  4. If a module becomes dislodged from the system:

    • Do not try and fix the problem yourself.

    • DO NOT GO NEAR BROKEN WIRES... if the the sun is shining the module will still be producing power that will cause an electric shock.

    • Do not handle a module that is lying on the ground in or around standing water.

    • Unless the PV system is a customer owned system, and you have taken all necessary safety precautions, do not handle a module that appears dislodged or broken

  5. If you suspect damage has been done to your roof during a storm, have your roof inspected to ensure it is property sealed to avoid future water damage issues.

  6. If you did disconnect your system, you will need to flip the disconnect switch to the "on" position to re-energize the system. Only do so if you are positive that no damage to the system occurred, and the storm has halted.

  7. HECO Customer Service 808-548-7311 is another great point of contact for emergency or for any questions.

When in doubt, please call us at (808) 748-8418 for assistance.  You will be directed to an immediate point of contact for emergencies.  

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are a fact of life living in Hawaii.  We hope that you will take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. We at Greenpath Technologies appreciate your consideration to this topic, and are available to troubleshoot your PV system, or provide advice related to your PV system, if you need.


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